For the past two decades, The Baldwin Group (TBG) has helped to bridge the gap between the people side of the enterprise and the technology side of the task within the federal government. We do this with a sound understanding in the use of advanced information technology and cutting-edge Web development concepts required to facilitate solutions that leverage the expertise of our clients’ teams.

Software Development

Specializing in JavaScript, .NET and SharePoint solutions TBG uses an agile approach to ensure our software solutions are not just built to specs but to meet your business needs. Whether it's a software to help communicate spatial science to the public, a complex highly resilient database solution or a custom secure line of business application TBG's expert consultants will exceed expectations and can provide on-going support and maintenance. At TBG we design and build with a cloud first mentality and have experience in cloud only, on-premise and hybrid solutions.

Front-end Frameworks

The software development team at TBG works to stay knowledgeable on current software methodologies and frameworks. We use Angular, jQuery, NodeJS, OpenLayers3, Middleman, Rails, GruntJS, GulpJS, SASS, and Docker, to name a few..


TBG’s software development team uses Agile and Lean development methodologies to provide our customers rapid yet flexible product development.


The Baldwin Group (TBG) at NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management was proud to have attained the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Maturity Level 2 (ML2).


UI/UX Design and Development

The TBG design team prides itself in designs that enhance and maximize the user’s experience. The team applies User-Centered Design (UCD) to present the client’s content in the most responsive and memorable styles for each products we develop.

Sharepoint and .NET Development

For secure full stack projects we use Microsoft Sharepoint. TBG’s team of .NET experts have developed numerous customized Sharepoint websites to fit multiple customer requirements. In addition, TBG’s Sharepoint developers have trained and supported several clients in using Sharepoint as a content management system to fit their needs.

Information Technology

At TBG we are able to architect, engineer, and administer technology environments of any size at any stage in the technology lifecycle. We are able to develop new network and system deployments, engineer new solutions to unique problems, as well as manage existing environments of any size, enterprise to small to medium-sized enterprises (SME).

No problem is too big or too small for our team at TBG, with a fully staffed and extremely well versed development team and a equally well versed Systems and Network team, we are able to leverage a unique combination of skillsets to solve unique issues. TBG continues to push the boundaries of virtual and cloud-based technologies, with specific expertise in the constantly evolving world of IT security.

Enterprise Server Administration

TBG has a team of Microsoft Certified server administrators that specialize at Windows Server. They also provide Linux administration.

Geospatial Products and Development

GIS and Remote Sensing

TBG Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing teams use a variety of industry-leading software programs on a day-to-day basis. These include ESRI’s suite of products, Hexagon Geospatial’s ERDAS Imagine, Blue Marble’s Global Mapper, Trimble’s eCognition, rapidlasso’s LAStools, SAS, Python, and myriad open source geospatial programs.

Analysis of Remote Sensing Data

TBG staff have expertise in using software to perform analysis of remote sensing data to provide customer focused results. Time series analysis of satellite and aerial-derived imagery drove the creation of NOAA Coastal Change Analysis land cover. Custom change detection and classification algorithms were used in combination with commercial software to produce high accuracy land cover and land cover change products. As datasets and techniques became more advanced and complex, TBG adapted through the use of custom programming for batch processing and server-based workflows.

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