On Jan. 2, 2019, Team TBG, with The Baldwin Group Inc. as prime contractor, signed an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract to support the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Professional and Technical (ProTech) Services Oceans Domain. The two-year contract has three one-year options.

Team TBG will provide support, strategy and innovative solutions to advance the mission of NOAA’s National Ocean Service (NOS). ProTech Oceans enables the NOS to acquire geospatial mapping and scientific data collection; create partnerships to define science-based solutions; and address economic, environmental and social pressures concerning U.S. oceans and coasts.

Team TBG’s program manager is Capt. Michele A. Finn, NOAA, a retired career NOAA professional whose last assignment was as deputy director of the Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center. Before that, Finn was chief of staff for the NOS. As a designated NOAA aviator, Finn logged 4,400 accident-free aircraft hours, including over 250 hours of consecutive hurricane surveillance missions, flying NOAA’s high-altitude jet. Finn also served as a watch officer and chief scientist on NOAA research vessels in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. She is a NOAA diver, a Project Management Professional, is certified by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals and was recently selected for the International Homeward Bound Project.



In service to this contract, Team TBG has over 160 offices located across the United States. The Baldwin Group Inc., the prime contractor, is headquartered in metropolitan Washington, D.C. The core capabilities and breadth of Team TBG can be found in the table below. Team TBG provides important alignment to ProTech Ocean’s needs and details are found here.

Team TBG Core Capabilities
Advanced Resource Technologies Inc. (ARTI) Tides and currents data analytics
CDM Smith Inc. (CDM) Coastal resiliency design, flood-risk reduction and mapping, climate change adaptation
Data Solutions & Technology Inc. (DST) Logistics, management, scientific and information technology
Eastern Research Group Inc. (ERG) Social science services
Global Science & Technology Inc. (GST) Coastal, ocean remote sensing, data systems and decision support.
JOA Surveys LLC (JOA) Water levels and geodetic control
Ocean Associates Inc. (OAI) Professional and technical ocean consulting
Riverside Technology Inc. (RTi) Coastal and environmental decision support
The Baldwin Group Inc. (TBG) Ocean and coastal management
TDI-Brooks International Inc. (TDI) Ocean and coastal field acquisition and laboratory analysis
Woolpert Inc. (WPT) Coastal geospatial services

Collectively, Team TBG provides important alignment to ProTech Ocean’s needs.

“Team TBG is a High-Performing Team where 1+1=7! Every team member is valued and respected and is committed to working together. Collectively, there is nothing we cannot do!”