The Baldwin Group (Team TBG) specializes in providing professional services to the Federal Government. We are scientists, analysts, programmers, technicians, managers, trainers, consultants, policy experts and administrators working with our government colleagues to solve problems and achieve their missions.

Software and Technology

Software development

Team TBG offers a complete range of software development services covering the entire software development life cycle. Utilizing CMMI Maturity Level 2 best practices in business analysis, requirements definitions, solution development, quality assurance and maintenance Team TBG's goal is to provide custom solutions that will enable your company to be successful.

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Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) support services includes voice and data communications systems, computing workstations, standardized business software, computer user-support systems, data security and recovery, server management and maintenance, and overall IT management in support of contract and federal systems. 

At Team TBG we are able to architect, engineer, and administer technology environments of any size at any stage in the technology lifecycle. We are able to develop new network and system deployments, engineer new solutions to unique problems, as well as manage existing environments of any size, enterprise to small to medium-sized enterprises (SME). 

No problem is too big or too small for our team at Team TBG, with a fully staffed and extremely well versed development team and a equally well versed Systems and Network team, we are able to leverage a unique combination of skillsets to solve unique issues. Team TBG continues to push the boundaries of virtual and cloud-based technologies, with specific expertise in the constantly evolving world of IT security. 

We are passionate about technology, efficiency, and innovation. Let our team of architects, developers, engineers, and administrators take your environment to the next level.

Read about the technologies we use.

Website Maintenance

An important component of any website is maintenance. Team TBG staff approach this task from all angles. To keep websites up to date, Team TBG staff test the site for dead links, monitor statistics to determine trends, and develop a schedule to work with project teams to ensure website content is updated on a regular basis. In addition, as project teams submit new update requests, staff address those updates in a timely fashion maintaining professional, up-to-date information for clients and customers.

Database Development and Administration

Team TBG's team of experienced database administrators provide disaster recovery, performance tuning, database development, monitoring and proactive security advisement.. With experience in both on premise and cloud administration our experts can assist you with data modeling, report generation, ETL design and development both on premise and in the cloud.

Database Administration, Development and Data Engineering Team TBG's data management group designs and develops high performing resilient systems and databases in addition to providing database administration skills. We utilize industry standard technologies to build data pipelines, and web services.

Geospatial Solutions and Data Management

Team TBG’s geospatial support services run the gamut of data design, collection, development, documentation, and delivery. Staff are well versed in geospatial data creation, applying industry standards and approaches to data research and development. The support of a variety of national web applications that range from simple data viewers to custom provisioning systems that handle terabytes of data. Many innovative solutions and approaches have been developed that increased the customer’s return on investment and ability to disseminate industry-leading data. Staff are actively engaged in the geospatial community, are recognized nationally for their expertise, and many have received GIS and remote sensing industry certifications.

GIS Data Analysis and Processing

Team TBG staff have expertise in using software to perform analysis of remote sensing data to provide customer focused results. Time series analysis of satellite and aerial-derived imagery drive the creation of NOAA Coastal Change Analysis land cover. Custom change detection and classification algorithms are used in combination with commercial software to produce high accuracy land cover and land cover change products. As datasets and techniques become more advanced and complex, Team TBG adapted through the use of custom programming for batch processing and server-based workflows.

Geospatial Data Management

A team of Team TBG data stewards are responsible for processing and overseeing data publication to ensure only the highest quality data are being published. In addition, data stewards keep accurate metadata records and are responsible for working with an FGDC coordinator to ensure all records meet FGDC standards. Our focus on quality control in creating metadata and managing data sets has helped make NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management one of the primary sources of coastal lidar data in the nation.

Team TBG has produced nationally recognized coastal land cover data sets for over two decades through its support to the NOAA Coastal Change Analysis Program. These data sets are used at the national level and are incorporated into the larger National Land Cover Database produced by the USGS. Additionally, locally relevant high-resolution land cover data sets have been produced by Team TBG in close cooperation with national, state, and local agencies.

Contract and Project Management

Conference and Event Management 

The excellence of TBG’s conference/meeting management team lies in their ability to combine our clients’ request and needs with a successful event. Our staff of professional experienced and certified conference and event planners, adhere to high performance standards and have a proven track record that distinguish them from our competitors. TBG staff’s reputation of superior performance makes us a leader in conference and event management.

Contract Management

Each Team TBG contract has a dedicated manager with more than 15 years of government contract management experience. Team TBG Managers are on-site and work closely with the project management, clients, and staff to provide highest levels of support to ensure both quality products and quality relationships. Managers can work on or off-site (gov’t facility).

Project Management

TBG’s NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) IDIQ contract provides the northwest region with the highest quality of technical, analytical, and scientific support. We partner with the NMFS to maintain, control, and protect living marine resources within its jurisdiction, while also providing scientific and policy leadership in the international arena. Staff and resources are supplied as requested in the areas of: microbiology, oceanography, ecology, genetics, scientific data management, safety and environmental policy and education, social science, and technical and non-technical writing and editing. This contract strengthens NOAA’s vision of ensuring communities and businesses prosper and are informed and resilient to a healthy ecosystem and the changing environment.

Instructional Design and Training Delivery

Outreach and Writing

Team TBG’s Communication staff provide a full suite of services, including content and web writing, outreach messaging, virtual and paper-based product development and distribution, speech and presentation preparations, editing, and social media administration. Outreach staff are assigned a suite of projects on which to focus for ongoing marketing efforts, providing personal connections to project staff to enable superior understanding and marketing of products.

Visualizations and Graphic Design

Our staff boast exceptional skills in photography, graphic design, and animation development. Animations and visualizations help illustrate complex scientific concepts for easier understanding. Our staff provide and maintain a searchable collection of high quality photography and graphics for the use of our customers.