January 23, 2017

differentiating yourself to clients

This is about my mental journey in deciding to write a book.  At this stage in my business career, I don't really need to write a book for my business.  So why am I writing?  It's about ego.  It's about legacy.  It's about sharing some great idea.  It's about gaining attention for a new venture.  It definitely is not about making money!

I'm just getting started, so I can tell you my starting thoughts.  It will be hard because in order to get a book completed, it is critical to stay focused and keep writing (whether I feel like it or not).  It will be a challenge because I don't think I have enough words to put on a page. On the other hand, it will be exciting to get ideas onto a page.  I love a good challenge and there will be some.  It will be a challenge to see how I find enough words to put on a page.  It will be a challenge to use words that will engage, energize, excite, and even educate the reader.  It is definitely a challenge to complete a manuscript in eight months!  I best get started!!

The backstory:  I have been a blogger for over 10 years.  I started blogging because I had a lot of ideas in my head and did not know what to do with them.  Hence, I decided that if I blogged, I would collect my ideas and thoughts.  In my blogs, I write up whatever is on my mind at the moment, so my blogs are really a glimpse of my thinking.  That means my topics range far and wide and are not necessarily connected one to another.  I really did not start the blog to reach an audience.  In fact, I did not do anything to try to reach anyone!  When I thought a useful blog was written, I would just copy and send it out.  So, I now have a file of over 500 blogs I can review to find a topic from which to write a book.

The event that convinced me to write a book occurred at an Institute of Management Consultants conference in Washington, DC.  One of the workshops I attended was about speaking and publishing.  It intrigued me to consider publishing.  The presenters were very good and laid out the processes for good speaking and effective publishing such that I felt confident that I could do this.  Actually, the key push was that I started a new business and needed something to boost it into the 'view' of potential clients.  So, I signed up with the publishing house, paid a fee, and will now embark on a new venture -- publishing my first book.

When I get the book done, you will hear about it!

© Dr. Baldwin H. Tom CMC, FIMC